Are Natural Beauty Products Better than Synthetic?

There are a lot of different skincare products but all of them can be divided into two large groups: natural and synthetic. Are natural beauty products safer? Should you avoid synthetic ingredients? Are synthetic ingredients toxic? Should you avoid chemicals? These questions are very important and you must know the answer.

Right now, natural products become more and more popular. If you visit any online store you will see many manufacturers telling that their cosmetics are made of natural ingredients. Many bloggers and celebrities announce that they no longer use any chemicals.

Most of the people think that synthetic chemicals are all toxic and lead to cancer. So you need to avoid them everywhere. But the truth is that you can’t avoid them because all your life is surrounded by chemicals. They are everywhere: in the air, in the food, and in water.

Even if a product is reported to be chemical free it contains chemicals anyway because you can’t avoid them on our planet. EVERYTHING IS MADE OF CHEMICALS.

Let's have a look at some of the most common misconceptions about natural and man-made products.

If something comes from nature it’s not toxic

I believe many of you think that human-made chemicals are toxic while natural products are all safe. But that’s a huge mistake. The fact is that substances made by humans are less toxic than natural ones. Nature is full of toxic stuff and if you don’t know about this you’d better not to eat unknown mushrooms and berries.

If a chemical is toxic it stays toxic regardless of the origin.

Natural chemicals are cleaner

That’s completely wrong. There is one simple example: if you take water made in laboratory and water from the cleanest mountain lake, the chemical structure of H2O molecule will be the same. It doesn’t matter where the chemical comes from. An H2O molecule will be the same in a mountain lake and in a swamp. If you take one molecule of water made in a laboratory and one from the cleanest lake on the earth an expert scientist will not be able to identify which is which.

Synthesized chemicals have the same structure as natural chemicals. There is no difference where you get H2O molecule from.

When you use chemicals you're rubbing petrol on your face!

Some people say that when you use synthetic self-care products you apply petroleum to your face. It might seem to make sense at first, but it makes less sense when you think about it.

Do you really think that synthetic self-care products contain petroleum in its original form without any cleansing? Of course not, the petroleum is used just for getting necessary chemicals from it. Only these chemicals are used for manufacturing self-care stuff.

If you like only natural product and are against self-care products made of petroleum, think about this fact: petroleum isn’t made in laboratories. It is 100% natural thing. Humans take it from nature in its original form. But I believe you don’t want to use petroleum for your daily routine…

If you can't pronounce it don't eat it or put it on your face

This is another popular misconception people believe in. But it’s completely wrong because every fruit or plant on the planet has its chemical structure. If you see the entire list of the “ingredients” of a natural apple you will be surprised. It’s full of unpronounceable chemical stuff. We just call this stuff “an apple” because this is its name. The fact is that natural things usually contain much more different chemicals than synthetic things.

As you see the origin of the product or chemical doesn’t affect its quality or safeness. Everything in nature is a mixture of chemicals.

If the ingredient is taken from nature purification makes sense. Synthetic chemicals are clean right from the laboratory and don’t need any purification. But a customer feels better when he sees “rose water” instead of large chemical formula on the bottle.

People think that all natural stuff is always good while synthetic is always bad. And self-care product manufacturers know about this and use this fact to get more customers!

What is Really Important?

Now you understand that nature itself consists of chemical elements and the fact that ingredient comes from nature doesn’t guarantee its safeness. You also know that natural ingredients have much more chemicals rather than synthetic.

What really matters is how harmful the certain chemical is. Both natural and synthetic chemicals can be safe; both natural and synthetic chemicals can be dangerous.

The other thing that matters is how your body and skin reacts to a certain chemical. Different people have different reactions to the same ingredients. If you have irritation after using certain chemical you will have it regardless the origin of it. Even if it’s 100% pure and natural. The same ingredient can be good for one person and bad for another.

Purification and cleansing really matter. Some natural ingredients are great but contain different bad stuff like toxic metals and so on. That’s why purification process is important. And that’s why sometimes cosmetics manufacturers prefer to use the synthetic ingredient. The natural one may be too contaminated and it’s better to make the chemical in a laboratory rather than using the contaminated.

Natural stuff isn’t safer just because it comes from nature. Synthetic ingredients are not more toxic just because they are made by human. Everything depends on how sensitive you are to a particular chemical. That’s the real truth. So the origin of the ingredient doesn’t really matter.

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