How to Remove Stretch Marks Using Vicks VapoRub

Hey ladies! Today I'm going to do a guide dedicated to Vicks VapoRub. Though this creme is medical, it helps to remove stretch marks pretty fast. It's confirmed by many positive reviews and many people find this cream useful for this. This thing really works by itself without any tricks. But it will definitely take time to get rid of really old and really strong stretch marks. As you know the older the stretch mark is the more difficult it is to get rid of it. In this guide, I will reveal a secret how to remove stretch marks using Vicks Vaporub much faster. 

Vicks VapoRub

What you need:

  • Vicks VapoRub - of course, the first thing you need is the creme itself. There are several sizes and I recommend to buy the largest available package. That's because removing any stretch mark is a long process and you may need a lot of cream for this. 
  • Cling wrap - If you fond of different self-treatment procedures you may have this at home. It helps to keep the cream or other matter in its place.
  • Aloe vera gel - You can use any brand or you can make your own aloe vera gel for this. Try to find a DIY on YouTube if you want to make it yourself. But I prefer to buy it on Amazon.

Now let's get straight into the process. Imagine, you have a stretch mark on the upper part of your arm and you wish to get rid of it as fast as possible. Many ladies have stretch marks on the arms which don't allow them to wear a certain type of clothes.

  • The first thing you do is take some Vicks VapoRub and apply it to the area where the stretch mark is located. Massage the area a little.
  • Take the Cling wrap and wrap the area with several layers. If you can't it yourself, ask somebody to assist you.
  • Now just wait for several hours. I recommend doing this routine before going to sleep. This is important! If you do it before going to bed, the cream will affect the area during the whole night.
  • After you wake up, remove the wrap and massage the area with Aloe Vera Gel. This will actually smooth your skin and help to cure the marks.

You can apply this gel during the daytime multiple times. It has a very positive effect.

So your routine is simple: you do wrapping for the night time and you use Aloe Vera gel in the daytime. You must repeat this routine, again and again, every single day. In a week or so you will see the first noticeable results. Some people report that they were able to get rid of their stretch marks within several weeks using this method. Believe me, it really works.

Remember: This is a process which you need to do every day. This is very important because you know stretch marks are not easy to get rid of.

If you wish to remove stretch marks using this VapoRub method from other areas of your body where wrapping is not easy, try to just cover the area with multiple layers of cling wrap and fix it. But of cource wrapping is much better.


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