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Here we have gathered many COSRX reviews written by real users. They have tested the cosmetics for at least several months. Our goal is not to advertise the product. We are here to tell you the truth!


COSRX is a relatively new beauty products manufacturer. It appeared on the market in 2014 and right now it’s one of the most popular cosmetics brand in South Korea, Asia and in the USA. The company success is unbelievable and very fast. More and more people all over the globe start using COSRX products.

Right now the assortment of the company includes 41 different products. They manufacture almost everything a lady needs: creams, masks, acne, whitehead and blackhead removal products, clear kits, toners, moisture pads, brushes, finger balls and so on.

COSRX Review

Why are COSRX products so popular?

  • They manufacture almost everything you may need for your daily self-care routine. The assortment is really large and is for different types of skins and sensitivity.
  • The package design and the design of the products are minimalistic which allows the company to lower the price. Fortunately, this doesn’t affect the quality.
  • Though the cosmetics look simple, manufacturer’s goal is to maximize good components and minimize harm ingredients. All the cosmetics they produce contain a lot of natural ingredients. And this is one of the most important factors of success.
  • Right now COSRX products have the best price to quality ratio on the whole market. The products are cheap compared to famous brands, while the quality is really top-notch.

Do COSRX products really work?

The company couldn’t become one of the most successful if the self-care and beauty products they produce were useless. A lot of people all over the globe send their traditional cosmetics in the trash box and start using COSRX because the things they produce really work!

If you visit Amazon and look at the reviews, you will see that most of the products have 4 – 5 stars rating. These reviews are written by real people and they show that the company produces really great beauty things.

If you wish to feel the whole power of the brand it’s better to buy and use several products at once. Don’t expect too much effectiveness from the single product. The single product also works, but you may not notice the visual effect. But if you use only COSRX for your self-care routine you will be absolutely satisfied.

To be honest, I don’t see any reasons to ignore this brand. I absolutely recommend trying using it and maybe this will become one of the best decisions related to cosmetics.

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