FARNESOL in Cosmetics

EWG Safety:

2 - 4
Safe - Moderate hazard

Important properties:

Role in a product:

Solvent, Perfume ingredient



Farnesol is a rather popular cosmetic ingredient because it has several useful effects. The ingredient is used as a fragrance because it has a very pleasant lily of the valley scent. It can also make some other fragrances “softer” and it is used as a part of different fragrance mixtures.

It is an effective antiseptic; it can destroy different types of bacteria including acne-provoking microbes. That’s why farnesol can be met in different acne-fighting products like toners and creams very often. It really works and it really can destroy the acne.

The ingredient can kill sweat bacteria and can make the body smell better. It’s used in different types of deodorants: for the body, legs and for the mouth. It removes bad smell very effectively.

As you see, the ingredient is useful, it has several positive effects. But it’s also a known allergen. It may provoke an allergic reaction, so you must be careful.

There is one important thing you need to know: if your cosmetic product contains farnesol, you need to keep the product well packed in the fridge and protect it from the sun. The component is very active and it can be destroyed pretty fast if it contacts with the oxygen and with the sun. The chemical reactions will transform it and your product will lose some of the positive effects. Don’t let this happen.


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