Acure Seriously Soothing Solid Serum 3-in-1

by: medusa2 on October 8, 2021 10:36 AM

This is my favorite product. It truly is “seriously soothing” and very gentle. Regardless of how sensitive my skin is on a given day, this solid serum is never harsh, never burns or irritates, it is simply gentle.

I use it in a variety of ways. Sometimes I will use it to wash my face - massage onto my skin while dry, then wipe off with a damp cloth, leaving a soft moisture behind. It makes my skin look noticeably radiant for a little while after use.

Sometimes, I will put a generous layer on my dry, clean skin and leave it on as a mask for a while. I have left it on overnight. Careful of the pillow, though - this product melts into a smooth oil, and the “generous layer” used for a mask will remain as an oily layer on the skin for the duration of the mask.

As a daily or nighttime moisturizer, I use a fraction of the amount used for a mask. Because too much of the product leaves an oily layer on the skin, it is important to use just a small amount - a few fingertips and little more - when applying as a moisturizer.

Acure also makes a Solid Serum “stick”. I do not recommend it as it is a totally different texture. The “stick” is very solid and does not melt really, but instead turns into little globs of blue jelly. Therefore, get the tub, not the stick!

Also, I have tried other products in Acure’s “Seriously Soothing” line - face wash and day lotion - and have actually found them to be harsh on my skin. Therefore, if you think you dislike this product line, I still recommend giving this solid serum a try. It is in a class of its own - much gentler and nicer than the wash lotion.

Unfortunately, as a “tub”, you must touch the product at every use, a contamination hazard. I have also read instances where people receive moldy product through Amazon third-party sellers. I always purchase this product in the local health food store or directly from the Acure website - never through a third-party. Overall, I highly recommend this wonderful product.