Does 23 Years Old Black Paint Rubar Really Work?

by: marina on October 8, 2021 10:36 AM

Hello! I want to review 23 Years Old Black Paint Rubar – a cleansing stick for removing blackheads. I will tell you if it works or not and how to use it to maximize the effect.

The stick is rather thick and contains a rather good amount of the product inside.

This product’s main ingredient is the charcoal powder. It’s 100% natural and it works as exfoliator and cleanser at the same time. It extracts all the dirt from your pores and you don’t need to scrub the face with extra products. The particles of the charcoal will lift and remove all the dead cells from your face. It also contains Glycerin which will soften your skin.

All the ingredients are safe for your health, except Fragrance. It has EWG rating 8 but it is a part of the vast majority of beauty products. So don't worry.

After using Black Paint Rubar the skin becomes cleaner, the blackheads, whiteheads, sebum, and dead cells go away. You will look healthier and your skin will shine. I absolutely love how this thing works. I give it 5 stars because it does what it should. It’s easy and rather comfortable to use. I am satisfied with this thing.

Does it work like nose stripes? I don’t think that you can replace the stripes with it. The nose stripes make deeper cleansing but this product is for the full face. It will also clean the nose well.

It costs 17 USD which isn’t a lot. But still, the price could be lower for a charcoal product.

How to Use?

Make your face wet. Apply the Rubar with circular movements. The stick is large and if you can’t reach some of the areas with it just use your fingers and massage the desired area. Wait for about a minute to let the charcoal to absorb all the bad stuff. Clean the face with water. You are done.

Use pressure. If you want this thing to work like a scrub you will have to use pressure. But don’t pressure too hard!

I don’t recommend using it if your skin is irritated or damaged. The charcoal particles may harm the irritated skin because they work as a scrub. They are not so hard, but they may still harm irritated skin. You may try to apply it with light pressure but I would recommend getting rid of the irritation first.

I don’t recommend using it very often, maybe once a week or so. That’s again because of the scrubbing effect. But if apply it gentler you may use it more often.

Thanks for reading my review. I tried to be as detailed as possible. Hope this review will help to make your purchase decision.