Does FLOW FUSHI Eyelash Serum Really Work?

by: cosmily_bot on October 8, 2021 10:36 AM

Hi everybody! Today I am going to review the Flowfushi Eyelash Serum - a new sensational product that is different from normal eyelash serums! Normally, we'd apply eyelash serums directly to the eyelash. For this particular eyelash serum, we apply it directly onto the eyelids! 

When I first heard that, I went "Hmm??". But if you think about growing your lashes, this may really work. When you grow plants, we need to first cultivate a proper foundation soil. Similarly, to take care of your eyelashes, it's important to take care of the area around them. That is the idea behind the creation of this serum.

FlowFushi The Matsuge Biyou-Eki comes in a small tube. Other eyelash serums usually come with special brushes. You return the brush back into the container after applying the serum. You might feel a little concerned about hygiene in this case. You won't get the same worry by using FLOWSUFHI's tube.

It contains 5 grams of the serum inside. This may seem a very small amount but don't worry. It's enough for about 1 - 1.5 months of regular usage because you will be applying a tiny amount of serum. that's why it will last for so long.

FLOWFUSHI Eyelash Serum - How to Use?

It's very easy to use this product. Open the tube and make some drops in the areas around your eyes. Allocate the serum and massage the areas. Then close your eyes and massage the whole eye area.

Manufacturers say that it can be used as an eye cream. So don't be afraid to cover the whole surface around your eyes with it. 

I tried this eyelash serum for two weeks, twice every day. It might seem that the length hasn't changed much after two weeks. Maybe more time is required. However, on closer inspection, each lash has actually grown thicker! I don't need to worry anymore about the gaps between my eyelashes.

As for the key question of length, rather than all the lashes growing with a good balance, I felt that a part of my eyelash has been growing really well. When compared to other users, it might not seem as effective as I expected, but the outcome is visible and acceptable after 2 weeks of trying the product. It has exactly been 2 weeks, started using on the 28 July, and yet there is still about 1/3 left. So, if we think about using one tube for one month, and it's not that expensive, making it worth a try.

I also liked how easily this fits into my existing beauty regiment. I recommend this for users who have short eyelashes, or do not have many eyelashes, and also for eyelashes that face stress from makeup such as mascara and curlers.

Negative Side Effects

Many people ask about negative side effects. As for me, I didn't notice any irritation or similar things. Everything is fine and my skin looks healthy. The serum is pleasant to use. 

Thank you very much for reading this review. Hope it will help you to make your purchase decision.