LUSH Full Of Grace helped my skin to get better and prettier!

by: Lampi on October 8, 2021 10:36 AM

This review is written by a person in their early twenties with a combination skin type - oily T-zone, dry patched on cheeks, big pores.

I was a little bit sceptical at first - the serum looked very oily and oh gosh, the aggressive fragrance! The fragrance didn't irritate my skin but to be fair, I still didn't get used to the strong smell to this day, but everything else is so marvelous that I'll forgive it!

When you use it for the very first time, it may scare you because it looks very oily and it sits on top your skin, but it beautifully soaks in a minute and your skin will feel hydrated and pampered. I even like using it under my eye cream because it helps with my fine lines. It even helped me with my smile lines and I tried EVERYTHING!

I use LUSH Full Of Grace only as a night time moisturizer before going to sleep because it's still a little bit too oily for a morning use (at least for my skin), but I always wake up with soft, plump and hydrated skin the very next day.

One bar lasts for approximately month and a half with daily usage which is not that much, but luckily the moisturizer isn't that expensive so I keep purchasing it.

It can easily melt in higher temperatures so I would probably store it in a nice small container and even consider trying storing it in a fridge in summer heat. I didn't try that yet because the temperature has been on my side so far, and it would probably get a lot firmer when storing it in a fridge, but I am sure it would still melt after a while after a contact with your skin.

I would definitely recommend this product to a friend.