The Yeon Jeju Canola Honey Firming Eye Cream Review

by: marina on October 8, 2021 10:36 AM

Picking right under-eye cream is not an easy task very often. I have problem skin on my eyelids and that’s why I have to try a lot of stuff to pick the product that treats my skin the best. Not so long ago I tried Jeju Canola Honey Firming Eye Cream made by Korean manufacturer The YEON. I want to review this product and tell you all my experience of using it.

Like many other eye creams, the product comes in a standard paper box. It's yellow and the plastic jar with the cream is yellow too. The plastic jar isn’t large and looks like a small jar of honey. It has a nice look. Nothing special but still looks good.

The box contains 30 ml of cream, which is a lot for an eyelid treatment product. You will not be using a lot of cream so it will last long. I think it is enough for about 4 months of regular usage twice a day.

The cream itself isn’t white as you may expect. It looks like liquid honey. No wonder, the honey is #1 ingredient in the list. It’s rather thick and smells pleasant, but the smell isn’t strong.

My Experience

I use it twice a day. It has a slight lifting effect and helps me to remove puffiness from my eyes in the morning. The cream soaks in and moisturizes the skin pretty fast. It’s easy to apply and spread. It doesn’t leave any sticky film or oily feeling.

I always treat my eyelids regularly, but unfortunately, the skin near the eyes isn’t perfect. I have small wrinkles and sometimes dark circles. I don’t think that this cream can remove wrinkles (I don’t think any cream can do this) but it helps to make the wrinkles less noticeable. 

Very often I use makeup and concealers to mask these imperfections. The cream can be used with any makeup. It doesn’t make the makeup look weird. It works as a base making the skin look better.


As for the ingredients, I don’t see any serious harmful stuff inside. The ingredients list with the analysis can be found here: As you can see, It has only one EWG 8 component – Fragrance. A lot of creams contain fragrance and I am not afraid of it. Pay attention that this product contains a lot of honey! It’s #1 on the list. Stay away from this cream if you have an allergy to honey.

What I like is that there are many moisturizing and softening components inside. It will definitely help people with dry skin.

The YEON Jeju Canola Honey Firming Eye Cream is a very good product. I have been using it for about a month and it becomes one of my favorite eye creams. I will definitely buy it in the future. It will not remove your wrinkles but it’s one of the best treatment products I have ever tried.