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Quality Guidelines

Our main goal is to provide a place where people can find high quality, interesting and reliable beauty product reviews. That’s why we require all the writers to follow the rules below:

  1. We think that the content on our website must be interesting to read and unique. That’s why all the reviews you submit must be written exclusively for our website. We don’t accept copy-pasted content because it doesn’t add any value. You are not allowed to repost the review published on our website to any other blog.
  2. We believe that a longer review is better than a shorter one. The text must be at least 300 words. Longer reviews are much more informative.
  3. The text must be well written and spell checked. Make sure it’s easy to read, it doesn’t contain any grammatical errors and it’s straightforward. We don’t allow using any SMS language.
  4. The review must have at least one product picture. The picture must be taken by you. You can use your smartphone camera, but only if the camera can make good pictures. The image must be sharp and have good quality. We don’t require professional photos, but make sure the photos look nice. You are not allowed to use images taken from the internet! Before you take a picture: Make sure the product is clean and doesn't have signs of dirt, dust and so on.
  5. Outgoing links are not allowed. Our website isn't a platform for advertising.

Following all these rules will help you to write top-notch reviews. You can use the following review as an example: