Simple Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water Review

08 november 2018, 16:17

This is a review of Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water. I have been using this product regularly for about 3 months and I want to share my personal experience with you.

The product’s price is $21.5 for a 400 ml bottle which isn’t too cheap. The price is average and I am satisfied with what I get for the money.

The product comes without a safety seal or other kind of taper band. If you see that your product isn’t sealed don’t worry. The bottle has a flip lid with a tape strip.

What I like is that this Micellar Water doesn’t contain alcohol. It’s also paraben free, silicones free, it doesn’t contain allergens. But it contains PEG and it has Hexylene Glycol which has comedogenic rating 2. So this thing can potentially block your pores. This ingredient is number 2 in the list, so beware.

Not all the ingredients are EWG safe and if you are looking for 100% EWG safe product then this isn’t for you.

The product doesn’t smell. I hate using micellar water that smells but this doesn’t have any scent.


The product contains 3 ingredients good for dry skin. It’s very hydrating and if you have dry skin you will definitely like how it works. Glycerin is #3 ingredient in the list and it’s very beneficial for dry skin.

It removes the makeup well. I use it every day and it doesn’t irritate my skin even if I use it more often. I think it will hardly be able to irritate yours because there are no serious irritants among the ingredients.

Is it good for removing waterproof mascara? It’s usually difficult to remove waterproof cosmetics. Some cleansing waters do it faster; others do it not so fast. As for the Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water, you can use it to remove waterproof mascara, but you will have to wait.

Put the water on the cotton pads and apply the pads to your eyes for 10 minutes. After this, you can start clearing your eyes. You will not damage the skin if you follow this tip.

In general, I am satisfied with this product. I give it 5 stars. It works good, it doesn’t irritate my skin, it doesn’t smell. I don’t expect any ultimate extra things from just micellar water. It’s just good and I am satisfied.

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