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If you want to select the best product in the desired category you have to compare a lot. There is no other way. You have to build a spreadsheet and spend a lot of time filling it with different details. It’s a very tough process and that’s why many people just don’t do this.

We offer you an alternative: our Comparison Tool allows making this process easy and automated. Take advantage of our ingredients database in your comparisons! All you need to do is to add two different products to the comparison list and enjoy the report.

  • Step 1: Find two beauty products in our database and add them to the comparison list. Use Search page to speed up the process.
  • Step 2: Return to the Comparison Tool to see the result.

The tool is very convenient. You can easily replace the first or the second product on the list. Just remove the product, find another one and add it. You will see an updated comparison report.

All the reports are saved to our datbase and you can return to see them anytime. Just make sure you have saved the permanent link somewhere. We will add a feature allowing you to see your own reports later on. You can also share the reports with your friends. Just click “Share This Comparison” and you will see a permanent link. Send it to your friends or post it somewhere.