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How to use

The skincare ingredient checker tool can analyze the ingredients of any cosmetic or skincare product.

1. FIND You can find complete ingredients lists on the product page of many online retailers, or on the manufacturer website. All of the ingredients must be separated with a comma and a space. Avoid grouping them with brackets.

2. PASTE Copy and paste the ingredients list in the field above and click "Check Ingredients" and you will immediately see the entire report.

3. SHARE You can share the report by sharing the link associated to the page.


Cosmily is here to educate you. We designed our tool with you in mind, and want to create a place for you to easily find the information you need to educate yourself. Cosmetics ingredients can be confusing, and Cosmily is here to help you deconstruct the ingredient list and teach you how to recognize the ingredients you need from the products you love.

If Cosmily is unable to detect an ingredient name that you have entered it will be highlighted in red.

Cosmily utilizes industry experts that are a part of the community to input ingredient characteristic data that is used in the generation of the checker report.

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Information on Cosmily is not medical advice and is provided for informational purposes. Product analysis is based on public information about formulation and chemical makeup. Please discuss medical concerns with a doctor.

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