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INCI - Ingredients List 6 components

Mica, Sericite, Red Iron Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Black Iron Oxide.

Notable Ingredients

The most well-known and effective components.
Hyaluronic Acid
AHA (Alphahydroxy Acid)
BHA (Betahydroxy acid)
PHA (Polyhydroxy acid)

Potential Hazard / Side Effects

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Allergens May provoke allergy
Alcohols Irritate and dry skin
Comedogenic Subject to clog pores
Gluten Celiac unsafe
Silicones Difficult to wash off
Sulfates May damage skin
Parabens Potentially toxic
PEG Polyethylene glycol
Malassezia Feeding
Malassezia Feeding Supports fungal acne
Fragrance Complex chemicals

Positive effects

See what positive effects the product has
Moisturising Hydrates the skin
UV Protection
UV Protection Blocks sun

Hazard Report

Hazard Skin Deep safety summary
Low Hazard: 4
Moderate Hazard: 0
High Hazard: 0

Organic / Synthetic Ratio

See how many of the components are natural, and how many are synthetic.
Organic: 2
Synthetic: 1
Unknown: 1

Ingredients List 6

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Pigment, Colorant, Filler
CMG 0 Non cmg.
EWG 2 Safe
Pigment, Colorant, Filler
CMG 0 Non cmg.
EWG 2 Safe
Red Iron Oxide
Pigment, Colorant
CMG 0 Non cmg.
EWG 2 Safe
Yellow Iron Oxide
No information
CMG 0 Non cmg.
EWG No data
Titanium Dioxide
No information
CMG 0 Non cmg.
EWG 1-3 Safe - Moderate hazard
UV Filter
Black Iron Oxide.
No information
CMG 0 Non cmg.
EWG No data

How to Use?

Selecting a beauty or skincare product isn’t an easy task. You need to read different reviews and make a decision without even trying the product. But if you want to make a smarter choice you have to look "inside". You have to read the label and have to analyze the ingredients.

This process is usually difficult. There are so many different components exist that you will hardly remember which is good and which isn’t. You may miss only one irritator and your skincare routine will be ruined.

We offer an easy and smart solution: our Ingredient Checker will help you to make a deep analysis of ANY beauty product. All you need is to find the ingredients list and paste it into the analyzer. it will tell you a lot of useful information. Try this tool yourself and enjoy the result.

  1. Copy and paste the ingredients list in the field above. All the components must be separated with a comma and a space. Avoid grouping them with brackets. Use English language only.
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Tip: Many ladies tend to analyze only creams and moisturizers. But our tool can analyze any beauty products including serums, foundations, lipsticks, soaps, shampoos and so on. You can analyze anything that contacts with your skin and can potentially harm it.

If you want to see the most accurate information make sure you take the components list from a reliable source. Very often, manufacturers publish this information on the official websites. You may also find it in the description of a product in an online store. For example Sephora always have components list on a product page under a separate tab.


Q: What about your database? Is it a replacement or what?

A: It's not a replacement of our database. It's a tool that gives you more flexibility. There are a lot of different beauty products in the world. We are doing our best to add them all to our website, but we know that we can't cover 100% of them. It's almost impossible. There are so many countries, manufacturers and languages... Some manufacturers work for the local markets only and you will hardly be able to find such products in our database.

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Anyway, before you use this tool, check our database first. We add new products on a daily basis and you may find what you want there. We recommend using the Search feature for this.

Q: Can I use this tool as CosDNA Alternative?

CosDNA is a well-known and useful website for checking ingredients. Many people are using it to find out if their beauty products are safe. CosDNA website does have a big database but it doesn't tell user enough information. We are offering you an alternative: use our ingredients analyzer instead. COSMILY offers you much more information about every product and every ingredient. Our tool will help to make a smarter choice!

Q: What's the difference of your tool from other alternatives?

A: We have our own database of ingredients. That's the most important difference. Our Ingredient checker will tell you a lot about positive effects of every component. The report you see on our website may differ a lot from the report you receive on other websites.