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Use this page to add a new product to the COSMILY database. The product will be immediately published after the submission and you will be able to share the link with your friends.

Before you start: try to find the product in our database first and don't add it if it's already there. We don't allow duplicated submissions.

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Enter full product title including the name of the brand. The brand name must be in the beginning. Use English language only! For example: Etude House Real Art No-Wash Cleansing Water.

Select a manufacturer. If you don't find the manufacturer in the list, leave the field "Not selected". Our moderators will add a manufacturer manually.

Select the best parent category for the product. If you can't find an aproptiate category leave this field "Uncategorized".

The ingredients must be separated with comma and space like this: ", ". Make sure you have taken the list from a reliable source.