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AM Routine
AM Routine

4 steps
How to use
  • 1 Pump
  • Take 1 or 2 pump of product in your hand
  • None
  • .
Glycerin: Softening, Moisturising
How to use
  • 3 Drops
  • Use 3 drops to your face
  • At the beginning use it 4 times a week. 2 times in the am routine and 2 times in the pm routine
  • Niacinamide and zinc combinations is great for blemishes, pie and pih. İf you have sensitive skin you can apply the serum only on the blemishes or pigmented areas.
Zinc PCA: Antiseptic
How to use
  • 2 Pumps
  • Get 2-3 pumps of product and gently apply to the skin
  • None
  • Very light weight moisturizer! Especially acne prone and sensitive skin love this product!
Betaine: Moisturising
How to use
  • 2 Fingers
  • 2 finger rule :) and then gently apply to skin
  • At the begining its color is white but if you apply to your skin carefully it will not leave white cast
  • This sunscreen is perfect for acne-prone skin. Warning: if you have dark skin then you need to get tinted one!
Salicylic Acid: Antiseptic, Acne fighting
Allantoin: Soothing

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