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I've had my skincare focused instagram page for 4 years now. It began as an outlet for me to share my passion ( and stop boring friends and family) and link with a fabulous community of like-minded individuals, and then it quickly turned into an obsession. While I’m not professionally trained in the field I have been interested in skincare and beauty since the age of 14, when my lovely Mum marched me into the chemist to start me on my first acne skincare regimen. Since then I’ve ate, slept and breathed beauty pretty much non stop, falling deeper and deeper down the beauty rabbit hole. My passions are indie brands, eco luxury & green technologies and one of my favourite things about being a beauty blogger has been forging relationships with brand creators, where I get a peek behind the creative curtain of the industry.

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Acetic Acid Acetic Acid

Acidity Stabilizer, Solvent

Mar 31, 2022

Algae Extract Algae Extract

No information

Mar 31, 2022

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